2014 Decorative Paint Colour Trends from Dulux

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Dulux has collaborated with five inspiring design experts Wilhelmina McCarroll, Heather Nette King, Bree Leech, Rowena Martinich and Geoffrey Carran to bring the vision of Future Tribes to life.

Introducing four new exciting paint trend concepts, The Digital Nomads, The Precious Elementals, The Romantic Spirits and The Retro Visionaries.

The Digital Nomads colour schemes are base from destinations such as Morocco, Africa and India.

digital nomads strip

Travelling the world without leaving the home, The Digital Nomad inspired by cultures that place emphasis on vibrant patterns and energetic colour. The Digital Nomad creates a style where traditional boundaries are no longer defined.

The Precious Elementals Colours

precious elementals strip

They are inspired by its colours and shapes and interpret to create beautiful compositions within interiors. Colours inspired by natural materials enhanced by man are used representing influence on natural landscape. Mineral and metal colours modernize soft greys and pastels, while raw finishes and patinas reflect a nature’s weathering effect.

The Romantic Spirits Colours

romantic spirits strip

Romanticizing decorative periods that are attracted to modern design that reveals elements of romance from simple embellishments. Finishes capturing history as patinas & worn looks favored to contrast against moody colours, inspired by the finest paint palettes from the Dutch masters.

The Retro Visionaries Colours

retro visionaries strip

Influenced with the styles in the late 20th century, when the digital culture was emerging & still shaping by icons of the 50s, The Retro Visionaries is quirky, energetic and colorful. Colour blocking is a favorite decorating tool and the creative use of painting highlights showing their love with experimenting the application of paint colour.

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