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The owners of the lovely home in Karapiro had the desire to make their home stand out from the rest. They had their hearts set on a dark exterior colour to be painted over the new exterior James Hardie Linea board.

Resene Quick Dry Primer Undercoat

Resene Quick Dry Primer Undercoat


Resene Cool Colours in the Colour Zeus.

Resene Cool Colours in the Colour Zeus.

We then decided to go with Resene’s three coat system using the Resene colour Zeus from their Cool Colours range. The Linea was sanded and prepare to all the according specs and then first coated with Resene Quick Dry Acrylic Primer Undercoat ( as in first photo above ) followed with two top coats of Resene Lumbersider in a Low Sheen finish.

Here is how the Cool Colour Range works.

Finally there’s a coating in black that remains cooler even on the sunniest New Zealand days. Once this was a contradiction in terms and now is a reality, with the technology of Resene’s Cool Colours. You can now use darker colours that remain cooler than normal colours.

Darker colours applied on areas like roofing suntrap in the sun’s rays putting significant stress on the substrate and the coating. It is known fact darker colours absorb a lot of light. This is not the issue however with the combination with the light absorption darker colours do draw heat from the sun’s infra red rays causing temperature build up on the painted surface.

White toned and paints light in colour reflect both heat and light and therefore are not affected. The materials and unique formulation of the Cool Colour range from Resene allows to absorb light so the same look is achieved also simultaneously reflecting a large proportion of heat falling on the painted surface allowing the surface to be significantly cooler than their standard counterparts. Resene Cool Colours works by reflecting the energy within the near and far infa red region from the spectrum while absorbing strongly in the visible region. The result Cool Colours from Resene looks the same as your colour choice but the buildup of heat will be slower significantly lower than a traditional colour.

In New Zealand’s summer conditions Cool Colours by Resene will help keep the substrate, coating and surface cooler, to help minimize heat transference. The added benefit to this is reduced stress to the paint coating and substrate to increase the lifetime of the painted surface compared to standard versions of the same colour.

Resene Cool Colours technology optimally performs on darker colours that are prone to the build-up of heat, which makes it suited to dark wall and roofing colours. Cool Colour technology will not resolve all issues related to the sun’s heat, but will go a long way to help reduce the impact for your dark colour selection.

The Resene Cool Colour selection comes in a wide range of exterior paint products to suit the needs of your exterior finish.

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