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Frequently Asked Questions

Please feel free to make contact if your query is not listed in the FAQ’s and will be more than happy to answer them for you.

How many days will it take to paint my house?

A standard new home interior around 180 sqm2 will require 8 to 10 working days with good weather. A 240sqm2 standard new home will take 10 to 14 working days. Unfortunately, existing homes have to first be assessed to see how much work is involved for repair work and what type of products have been used in the past. I would be more than happy to meet with you and provide a free quote for your decorating project.

Can you recommend other quality trades people?
We can recommend high-quality tradespeople for Building, Gib Stopping, and Tiling, etc. These tradespeople are highly reputable and have worked on numerous Gold Award-Winning Master Builder show homes and private homes in the Tauranga, Bay of Plenty area.
Do you do small Gib Stopping jobs?
Yes, we can provide small Gib Stopping repairs, saving you the cost of having two separate contractors.
What areas will you work?
We are a Tauranga-based painting company but we will travel to all parts of the Bay of Plenty including Whakatane, Katikati, Waihi, Rotorua, and most Waikato regions on request.
What are the best seasons to paint my exterior?
Generally autumn is the best time for exterior painting. Spring is also a good season but can have multiple weather changes in one day. Resene & Dulux can supply a winter-grade exterior paint for the winter months and for summer months we can have slow drying agents added to the paint for hot weather painting.
Will your quote included all materials and costs?
Yes, all quotes are made to include all costs for your project.
Where can I read other client's feedback of your work?
You can plenty of happy client’s feedback on our website’s testimonial page.
Do you provide free quotes?
Yes, we are more than happy to do free quotes for all inquiries. We can also accommodate a time outside of working hours and weekends if this helps with your time schedule. All quotes can be submitted by either email or post
For new homes how many colours are allow for in the quote?
All quotes for new homes will include one Ceiling, one Wall & one Trim colour from a white base tint. We charge on average an extra $350.00 per extra feature wall & $350.00 per extra room colour. You can have as many rooms as you like with the extra colour for the cost of $350.00. Extra Trim colour is to be priced per how much work is involved.
Do you have insurance?
We are covered by public liability insurance.
What are your typical working hours?
Our normal hours are Monday to Friday from 7.30 am to 4.30, 5.00 pm. We can accommodate different time schedules for people living in existing homes and can also provide weekend hours for most projects also.
Our house needs to be securely locked at the end of your day. Can you provide this security for us?
This is something that is double-checked before leaving every client’s home to ensure all of our client’s homes are secure at the end of our day’s work. We will be more than happy to follow any special requests that you may have for your security needs.
Can you provide help with colours?
This is our profession & we will be more than happy to assist you with colour consulting. We have always had very positive outcomes for those clients that we have assisted with paint colour selections.
Will we need to pay a deposit?
No deposit is required before starting your renovations. We will sometimes ask for a progress payment if your project takes more than three to fours weeks. This is dependent on the terms arranged for the time of payment after the completion of work. If a painter asks for a deposit before starting, be cautious that the contractor has a stable background in the painting & decorating trade.
Do you use low VOC paints?
Yes, we are more than happy to use VOC products for your home and to discuss your needs & product information about VOC products.
When will you start my job?
We will arrange a start date for the acceptance of the quote. Communication is the key here in both ways as some renovations and new build’s timeframes can vary during the process of your project. When the start date is confirmed (generally four to five weeks prior to the start date) we will be solely committed to your project without leaving the site for different contracts. The earlier we can arrange an acceptance of the contract, the easier it is to program booking of your project. As the demand for our quality service is high, the earlier you make contact the better to ensure we can accommodate your project.
How best can I prepare my house for you before you start painting?
Any ornaments, pictures, curtains, and other loose counter objects that can be removed from the areas needing painting are a great help for our decorating process. The bigger the area you can clear yourself, the cheaper the cost for your decorating project. Large furniture such as sofas, tables, etc can be a move to the center of the room as work commences. All furnishings will be protected from dust & paint with clean plastic & latex drop sheets.
What can I do to help preserve the life time of my new painted house?
For Bathrooms always use your ceiling fan when showering. If a fan is not available please think seriously about having one installed. Opening the bathroom window helps but cannot always be an option due to privacy requirements. For interior walls, lightly soapy water is best rinsed with straight clean water. This is where premium paint products come into their own. Exterior paints cleaned regularly as per the paint manufacturer’s recommendation can help prolong the life of the exterior finish.
Can I paint the exterior of my house in dark colours?
This can be done to some exteriors but is generally not recommend. Feel free to ask me for any help in making this decision & I can advise you on your options if this is something you desire.
My house needs scaffolding can you arrange this?
Yes, we can supply scaffolding for most painting projects & can arrange scaffolding for larger jobs.
What type of paint do I use on my Bathroom walls & Ceilings in an existing Home?
The best way to test this is to first find out what type of paint has been used on your Bathroom walls & Ceilings in the past. Firstly, clean and dry one small area of the surface you would like to check. You can then simply put a small amount of methylated spirits on a piece of cloth and wipe the surface of the paint needing to be painted. After 30 seconds you should see nothing on the cloth or some smear paint colour on the cloth. If you see nothing this means you have oil based paint on the surface. If you see some of the paint colour on the cloth this means acrylic paint has been applied on the surface.
What is the best paint to use in my bathrooms?
For new surfaces, you cannot go wrong with Dulux Kitchen & Bathroom Wash & Wear with 101 barrier technology. Resene also has a great Bathroom product called Space coat. Both of these products can come in Low Sheen, Semi-Gloss and Full Gloss finish. Please note that the Resene Spacecoat will need to have the anti-mould additive added to the paint when mixing your choice of colour. The Dulux Kitchen & Bathroom already comes with anti-bacterial and anti-mould technology with a 7-year guarantee against mould growth. Both products are Acrylic base and VOC & low odour.

Please note that oil base paints used in Bathrooms will allow mould growth and crack around Scotia areas and sometimes flake on Gib Boards areas in time to come. They can also yellow with age.

What if my Bathroom has Oil Base paint and I what to change to Acrylic anti-mould product?
The good news is this can be done by cleaning and keying the old surface toughly. After the surface has been prepared properly you can apply a pigmented sealer. The pigment sealer will allow any Acrylic product to be applied over the top and have the added bonus of sealing any stubborn mold that could not be removed.
What paint do you use on main walls?

Once again the premium Dulux Kitchen & Bathroom Wash & Wear can be used for all walls in your home with great wash-ability. Resene also has a premium hospital-grade product called Clinical which has high durability for high traffic areas.

Can we have some touch up paint when you are finished?
Yes, you can. We will also show you the best way to touch up those unfortunate mishaps. We also write on each pail of paint where the product was used. Ceilings, Walls, Trim, etc so to make this easy for you to find the product you need
How do you price per job?
For new builds, this can be done off a site plan. I will need some information about what type of Architrave, Doors, Gib Cove & extra height of Walls, Door Frames & Windows used in the new build. This is an easy process to achieve and can be done by email with plans and quotes. For existing homes, an appointment is needed to meet by both parties to look at what needs to be done and assess what is involved in your decorating project. This service is free of charge for both new and existing homes.
How do you price per job?
For new builds, this can be done off a site plan. I will need some information about what type of Architrave, Doors, Gib Cove & extra height of Walls, Door Frames & Windows used in the new build. This is an easy process to achieve and can be done by email with plans and quotes. For existing homes, an appointment is needed to meet by both parties to look at what needs to be done and assess what is involved in your decorating project. This service is free of charge for both new and existing homes.
My question is not listed here. How do I get in contact with you?

We are more than happy to answer any questions you may have by contacting us by phone on 0275947448 or by email at

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Tauranga painters have been recognized as among the country's best. Clifton George, of Authentic Finishings, brushed off stiff competition at the New Zealand Master Painter of the Year Awards to be announced the winner of the "Residential Dwelling New Interior Under $25,000" award. Mr George won the award for his work on a Mount Maunganui home. Murray Gray, from sponsoring company Dulux and one of the award's judges, said the work had been "flawless." This was a lovely project completed by a highly-skilled craftsman. The home was decorated in natural tones and the brushwork around the doors and frames was immaculate.">

Bay Of Plenty Times

Clifton and his team provide extremely high-quality workmanship. They are reliable, trustworthy and the finished product is of an exceptional standard. Clifton’s follow-up, when required, is excellent. Their attention to detail is what sets this business apart from other contractors. Nothing is too much trouble. I highly recommend Authentic Finishings.

Garry Bettelheim

Residential Living Solutions Ltd

Cliff is very passionate about what he does and provided us with very useful and knowledgeable advice. Our project was completed promptly and without hassle and the paint finish is EXCELLENT!! We are extremely happy with the job that Cliff has done for us. We have had several comments on the finishing from visitors to our home who are particularly impressed with the glass look finishing achieved on our window & door architraves and the doors themselves (we were considering sending them off to be lacquered but no need with Cliff’s finish!) We would not hesitate to use Authentic Finishings again for future projects and would highly recommend it to anyone looking for a quality painter.

Robert & Sarah O’Sullivan


Clifton George from Authentic Finishing's Ltd has painted many houses for us. He is passionate about the work he does and achieves a fantastic finish. His great work ethic and attention to detail mean that we do not have any recall of his work.

Shane McConnell

Owner Manager GJ Gardner

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